Allison Crowe performs songs of The Beatles

In My Life

"It was the first song I wrote that was consciously about my life. (Sings) 'There are places I'll remember/ All my life though some have changed..." Before, we were just writing songs a la Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly ~ pop songs with no more thought to them than that. The words were almost irrelevant. 'In My Life' started out as a bus journey from my house at 250 Menlove Avenue to town, mentioning every place I could remember. I wrote it all down and it was ridiculous... it was the most boring sort of 'What I Did on My Holiday's Bus Trip' song and it wasn't working at all. But then I laid back and these lyrics started coming to me about the places I remember. Paul helped with the middle-eight. It was, I think, my first real major piece of work. Up till then it had all been sort of glib and throw-away. And that was the first time I consciously put my literary part of myself into the lyric." ~ John Lennon

"I think I wrote the tune to that; that's the one we slightly dispute. John either forgot or didn't think I wrote the tune. I remember he had the words, like a poem... sort of about faces he remembered. I recall going off for half an hour and sitting with a Mellotron he had, writing the tune... which was Miracles inspired, as I remember. In fact, a lot of stuff was then." ~ Paul McCartney

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The Beatles' In My Life performed live by Allison Crowe

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"In My Life, looking back at life... is perfect (for the season of joy and peace)." ~ Allison Crowe

"You're about to hear from one of Canada's very best artists. I first heard her live at the lift-off for our beloved colleague David Grierson... I made her promise not to make us cry, but she sang this Beatles tune." ~ Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio Host & Public Broadcaster (Canada)

"A stone's throw away at the village hall, Canadian angel Allison Crowe gave one of the weekend's most magical moments, earning one of few encores for her solo rendition of Lennon's In My Life (a song inspired by Durness)." ~ John Lennon Northern Lights Festival review in The Scotsman (UK)

"Songwriter and mistress of coversongs Allison Crowe beat out Johnny Cash, Ben Lee, Chantal Kreviazuk and Shawn Colvin covers of In My Life at the last minute. Buy or download all Crowe's albums via Rubenesque - her own label - and you'll know why this Canadian youngster is one to watch for the next half-century." ~ Cover Lay Down blog (USA)

"Crowe improves upon a classic" ~ John Kimantas, Nanaimo News Bulletin (Canada)

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Let It Be

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 Allison Crowe performs The Beatles' Let It Be

Let It Be (512)      ~      Let It Be (128)

Canadian musician Allison Crowe performs live-in-the-studio, Let It Be. The Beatles songbook is rich for interpreters and this gospel-inflected tune by Lennon and McCartney is one which Allison loves to perform and have audiences sing along. "Let It Be", the audio version, is on Allison's popular album "Tidings".

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Let It Be lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe (click here)

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